Miro apps/plugins that work in mobile app

  • 22 March 2022
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I’m trying to create some custom tools that our team can use on mobile devices. I’ve been playing with the web plugin system and finally got a basic test working, but it only works via the web interface. I’m hoping to find something that will work in the Miro mobile app, but the docs don’t make it clear which developer features are mobile-friendly, if any. I’m also not having much luck opening the web UI in a mobile browser, as it appears to be a view-only interface that doesn’t let me interact with the board.

Am I out of luck, or is there something that I just haven’t found yet that will let me do what I need?

5 replies

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@Justin Barrett LOA 

Sorry to say- you’re out of luck right now. The Miro mobile/iOS app is a distinct interface and not currently supported through the SDK.  Miro board through mobile is read only. 

You may find luck with the board embed API and REST API where the Miro board would be an iFrame in your mobile native app/ browser app. 

@Max Harper Thanks for the confirmation of my suspicions. I did run an embed test yesterday, but the platform I’m using (Softr) does odd things with the iFrame size when the page is small (tablet/mobile size). I’ve reported it to the Softr developers and am keeping my fingers crossed.

When you say that “Miro board through mobile is read only,” are web plugins supported in a mobile web browser? My preference is to create a sidebar UI that reacts to user selections. I got a plugin working yesterday that opens a sidebar UI, and my next test is to try it in Safari on an iPad. Even if the widgets can’t be modified directly in the browser, I’m hoping that a sidebar UI plugin can still interact with selected widgets.

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  • Desktop, browser, Miro board embed: plugins work.
  • Desktop, native app: plugins work.
  • Desktop, browser, Miro board embed: plugins work. 


  • Mobile, browser: plugins do not work. (I believe this is your case with iPad+safari) 
  • I’ve actually never tried a mobile, browser, Miro board embed. not sure if it accesses any web plugins.
  • mobile native apps: plugins do not work. 

Thanks for the breakdown. I was about to begin testing the mobile-browser-embedded-Miro-board option, but then learned that we’ve got Chromebooks that can be used instead of tablets. Problem solved. 👍

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@Justin Barrett LOA  Great!

Code on!