Is there any way to change a card widget fill color through the REST or Web APIs?

  • 1 October 2020
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I would like to be able to change the background fill colour for card widgets though the API (REST or otherwise) but have not been able to find a way of doing this? Am I just being blind or is this not exposed? 

I can do this via the web UI with the slider at the top of the option to change the card color.


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Hi Ben, unfortunately, the fill background color cannot be managed through API at the moment. 
Could you please share the use case, for which you wanted to do it? 




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Hi, thanks for getting back to me - I guessed that might be the case.

Context / Use case

As a regular user of the JIRA integration, having the ability to colour cards by ticket type would very valuable to be able to quickly distinguish between. Using a custom background fill color would make this this a lot easier when displaying a lot of cards.

While this is not possible (currently) with the default JIRA Miro integration, having had some (successful) recent experience developing a Miro app for basic integration with zoom, a few of us in my group at work were discussing the possibility to develop our own solution; Given how much we rely on both Miro and JIRA this would likely be worth the development time (and also quite a fun project). While we worked out how we create and add custom fields to cards, achieving a similar result to the JIRA card integration, we could not find any way of modifying the card fill color though the API, despite this being possible through the GUI. See screenshot below where the top card is one imported using the JIRA integration and the bottom card has been created from a existing colored card (created using the GUI), with custom widgets added to match the appearance of the one created by the JIRA integration plugin. 


Hope that helps!

Many thanks,


Thanks for the detailed description of the need Ben! 

Although this API functionality is not available at the moment, such input helps prioritize the most important improvements. 




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While I’m not using the Jira integration, I have been changing the color of the cards using the REST API.  When I change it either with REST or through the UI, it only changes, the border color, however, so this may not be what you want.  I have a custom tool to import cards from Rally and color them to indicate certain error conditions like this:


This is done using “style” : {“backgroundColor” : “#f16c7f”} 

It doesn’t seem to change the background for me, only the border color, but that is the same thing I see when using the control in Miro.  I think the catch when using the style is that only certain colors are allowed (at least that is the case with stickers).  I had a previous post on that, but I think these are the allowed colors (by trial and error)

GREY = "#f5f6f8";YELLOW = "#fff9b1";LIGHT_ORANGE = "#f5d128";OLIVE = "#d0e17a";GREEN = "#d5f692";PASTEL_BLUE = "#a6ccf5";AQUA = "#67c6c0";BLUE = "#23bfe7";ORANGE = "#ff9d48";PINK = "#ea94bb";RED = "#f16c7f";PURPLE = "#b384bb";


this would be game changing for our ability to share roadmaps that are color coded meaningful to our sales and operations teams values and goals but not important from an engg perspective