How can we save the content of postits in to a database or file where everyting comes together per topic?

  • 11 February 2021
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I want to search a way in miro that per board people can save all the postits that are made per topic can be saved i an sort of database or frame and later other people can see the content and share and reuse some answers/postits. Maybe with integration with an app or in miro in another frame of board?


3 replies

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Hello Katrien,


This seems like a good idea for an app. Our web SDK and our REST API allow you to retrieve all the widgets in the board filtered by type:


I’m not aware of an existing app that implements the functionality you want already. 
Are you looking to build this yourself, or asking if somebody is interested in building such an app?


Kind regards.



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@Katrien De Keyzer -

Why not just do an export to CSV based on a filtered list of board objects? Do a Ctrl-A to select everything in the board, filter only sticky notes and then export to CSV. If all you need is the text entered into the sticky notes (i.e. no “tags” attached to them), it will be in the first column. That CSV file can then be imported into a simple one field database table.

If you wanted them organized by tags, you could use the third column tag information for that purpose.


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At this moment it is possible but you have to use tags. Unfortunately the connections made between sticky notes will not be visible in a csv file.