Export XMI from UML class diagram

  • 16 December 2022
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Im looking to see if there is a Miro plugin or native support from exporting a UML class diagram from Miro to an XMI file? 

If not does anyone know a way of achieving this? 

1 reply

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@Frankie Hadwick  

Speaking from a 3rd party developer standpoint:

Unfortunately this can’t be done at this time using the SDK/API 

Here’s the data representation we get from a UML item (which is a ‘stencil’ item type).

‘Stencil’ item types (diagramming items) are being so overlooked by Miro at this point that they don’t even make the list in the documentation of ‘unsupported items’.

Maybe Miro staffer and diagram product manager @Turner Pijpers Can do something useful with your use case / user story.