Download board backup via API?

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Hi, is it possible to download the board backup via the API? I've looked through the reference and I didn't see anything. Did I overlook it? Is it possible?


Where could I make such feature request?


Best answer by Boris Borodyansky 6 April 2020, 15:40

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Unfortunately there’s no such API yet, and I do not have an ETA for it =(

Consider you’ve just made a feature request for it :thumbsup:

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From a legal and lifecycle perspective this is a very important feature. When a project reaches its end we want to archive everything related with it (Files, Boards, etc.). Providing an API that allows us to download a Miro Board backup and put it in our electronic archive would be the perfect solution. 

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@Sandro -

Why would you need the API for that? Just use the manual backup capability to save an RTB version of the board. Of course if there are a huge number of boards within a project this could take some time…


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@Kiron Bondale exactly you gave the answer yourself. We are automating everything that manual steps won‘t be necessary anymore. That is why I would like this API capability.

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Any updates on this? Will this still not be considered?

Hi. I‘m pretty much interested in this feature as well. To be honest: most asked feature besides an automated backup in the graphical fronted.


Are there any updates you can share?

Any updates on this feature would be helpful!

Hi there - is there any update on this feature request? We have an organisational requirement to take backups and store them in a secondary location - Miro backing the boards up is great but does not satisfy these needs. 

If we could get some guidance as to whether this feature request will be considered or (hopefully) if its under development, that would be really helpful.

Is there any reason to have this blocked? Would be nice to have this feature exposed in the API. Up voting it!

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Hey everyone,

There is an existing Wish List idea API call to backup/export board for the feature you're interested in. Please add your votes and share your use-cases there as our Product team is reviewing wish list ideas rather than questions addressed in the forum. Thanks!