create Miro app with create-react-app?

  • 21 October 2022
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Hi there! Is it possible to use my own app starter and use it as a Miro app, ideally create-react-app? My problem with the create-miro-app is that it’s using vite, which causes some (apparently) hard to fix issues when trying to use it in combination with Netlify and Netlify functions… If possible with create-react-app, are there any extra settings/ packages to load in order to make it work as a Miro app? 

4 replies

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Hey @benman1 ! It’s definitely possible - All you need to make sure is that you’re initialising the Miro SDK properly. You can find and example of what that looks like here (Just the open panel method):

I would also recommend checking out the create-miro-app starter to get an idea of the structure of how you can create your project (even if you don’t use vite)



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Excellent, I’ll give that a try then, thanks very much!

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@benman1 : I wrote a blog post on the Miro engineering blog that included my create-react-app based setup. It may be helpful for you:

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Oh wow, this is tremendously helpful, exactly what I needed, thank you!