API to track cards on Kanban Board

  • 21 July 2020
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I was looking into building a plugin (Web or via REST both options are on the table) that tracks dates when cards are being moved around on the Kanban board. It looks like I can save some custom data under “metadata” : “app_id” { … } but I couldn’t find the way to query which column does the card belong.

Is there a way in JavaScript or in Rest API to query which column does the card belong to on the board?


Best answer by Ahmed El Gabri 24 July 2020, 11:14

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4 replies

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Hi @Ahmed El Gabri Is there any way to prioritise this? Or best - give us the whole JSON about the board you have. It would save Miro a lot of work down the line.

It sounds like a very obvious API feature to know which card belongs to which bucket. And also which labels are associated with which cards.

Thanks in advance!


Hi @Vladimir Makayev,

Right now neither the SDK not the Rest API have this information, we are aware of this & might change this in the future.

Meanwhile maybe this comment can help you & give some ideas on how to approach this currently




I am also struggling with the same topic. It is necessary to automate the data collection of the Kanban board to create weekly reports and views. I would appreciate it if you could prioritize the implementation of the API as much as possible.


👆 Yes, @Ahmed El Gabri This will be helpful because all actions on the board must be performed manually. There are no possible automatic improvements or pipeline integration.