Allow creating widgets with transparent borders

  • 27 March 2020
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Today, the api doesn’t allow to set the borderColor to “transparent”. Not setting any value, Miro defaults the border to black.

We figured out that setting the borderOpacity to 0 is a possible workaround. Yet, this isn’t ideal because getWidgets doesn’t do this if users create transparent borders in the Miro UI (i.e. input and output API aren’t consistent).

It would be great if you would allow API developers to set the border color to transparent.

2 replies

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Hey Ronny!

I feel your pain! 

Do I get it right, that now you’re able to set transparent border color, but not able to read if user set it to transparent in the UI, right?

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Hi Boris - No, we can’t set the borders to transparent. What we do as a workaround is to set them to black and then opacity 0.