Acess to my Miro portifolio

  • 23 October 2022
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I was recently laid off by my old company because of a budget cut and more than 100 employees were fired.

My whole portfolio in Miro is owned by my previous company and I cannot have access to my own creations because Miro won't allow me to make a copy.

I have download the backup but my free account does not support it. So I tried paying for the starter version to use the backup but something is wrong with the payment and there’s no message stating what is wrong.

My GPM tried all she could for me to have access to it so I can make a copy, but all was in vain.

My last option was to send an email for Miro to explain it all, but I cannot without a company email.

I feel helpless and my own work is lost

PS: There’s no sensitive data in there, just thought processes and my designs. All I have is a pdf of it. I can’t use it in Miro to expand my portfolio furthermore and I can’t send my Miro link for new interviews.

4 replies

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Hi @Luíza Corrieri! I don't quite understand why you wouldn't be able to email Miro and explain your situation just because you don't have a company email address?

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@Henrik Ståhl - Only paid subscritpion holders have access to the Miro support form.

@Luíza Corrieri - From what you have shared here, and the Google Drive link you shared with me to your board back up file, when I tried to restore it, “nothing happened” - no error or success message. Upon further review, I see that the file is 235 MB and the max limit for end-user upload is 200 MB as per the Restoring a board backup Help Center article is 200 MB:


Please note both board backup downloads and uploads are limited. For downloads, there is a limit of 1GB. As a workaround split the board into smaller boards or stick to the board versions instead of physical backups of the boards.

As for uploads, the Miro interface can only upload board backups of less than 200 MB. To upload larger backup files, please contact the Miro Support team:

  • log in to Miro and submit your request using the Support form
  • attach your backup file to your request or upload it to any cloud storage and send us the link to it (please make sure to allow anyone with the link to download the file)
  • If your backup file is less than 200 MB and you still have issues uploading it please check the troubleshooting steps on this page


Since something went wrong with your payment, I will assume that you are still on the Free Plan and therefore cannot open a Miro support ticket – I will convert this post into a support ticket on your behalf.



Please us know know how you make out!

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Thank you Robert!

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@Luíza Corrieri - You’re welcome. I went ahead and covnerted your post into a support ticket. Please let me know if you received the email and the message I included looks to be correct :)