Is it possible to create flowcharts in the BPMN language in Miro?

  • 13 April 2020
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It would be great to be able to use Miro to create flowchart in the BPMN language and optimize my company's processes. Is there any possibility of doing this?

14 replies

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Hi Jéssica,

yes it is possible.

There are different Templates that you can use and maybe there is something that you can use as a basic from to start with:



Hey Michael!

Unfortunately, none of these templates can help me with the construction of flowcharts in the BPMN language. BPMN has specifics symbols that don't exist in Miro. I was wondering if it's possible to import these symbols to the platform. Is this possible?



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Hi Jèssica,

maybe you can search in the different Iconsets for similar graphics that you can use.
Often they helped me a lot:


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Hi Jéssica,

additonal you can make screenshots of those elements with the snipping-tool in windows or with snagit or something similar and bring them into your miro board.


I have the same problem. Unfortunately the templates don’t have what I need (e.g. events, recurring tasks, subprocesses, different types of gateway). Snipping in elements doesn’t work either, because I can’t write text inside them.

I’d also like to be able to lock the swimlane titles on the left, similar to how you can lock the first column in a spreadsheet. :cry:

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Hi Jack & Jéssica,

do you can post the kind of graphics you are looking for and where the text is impelmented?
So i will have a better understandig of what you are thinking of.

And what exactly should the result look like?




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Hi togeher,

on my search for different symbols of BPMN I found different symbols.

Just like this one here:



I created this here in miro out of a rounded rectangle shape and a combination with icons and grouped them together.


So you are always able to change the written letters inside:



As long as there is no complete icon-lybrary for BPMN I would use a workaround with:

Grouping different symbols together to your own lybrary and save them as a template into miro.


+1 on this. Would be great to have BPMN icons. The solutions that Michael has shared seem like a lot of work. Easier to use a BPMN tool until Miro improves this.

Thanks Michael. That looks a bit fiddly but is better than nothing. Thanks again.

Thanks, Michael!


I’ll love Miro more if they improve it, but this also seems like a good palliative solution to me. Thank you again!


Is there a way to generate flow charts programmatically? I currently Generate a flowchart description from our internal finite state machines and use graphviz to generate flowchart diagrams. But it would be awesome if I could generate miro charts and integrate them into our documentation, etc.

Any news about native BPMN or IDEF0/IDEF3 support?
t’s looks like good feature for modeling business process. 

I love Miro because it provide comfortable way to fast modeling and sharing info. Without BPMN templates (blocks and links) fast and comfort work does’t possible. I don’t like create BPMN blocks by grouping object, it’s hard to mainain. Basic bpmn blocks and connections is really required - see for information (or more complex -


Good example - 


And awesome implementation —
But without collaborative editing and not so cool as miro :)