When to book a day pass?

  • 17 August 2020
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Hi there,

I am planning my very first workshop and wondering about some details regarding day passes. Since I would like the external workshop participants (15 people) to be able to e.g. write comments or use sticky notes etc., I think I will have to book an individual day pass for each participant, right? I don’t want them to be able to make any changes before the workshop starts. As I would like to send the links to the participants the day before the workshop I am therefore wondering, if thereis  a possibilty to set up a time manually, from when the day pass is working. Is this possible?

Or is there any other option you can recommend? I don’t want the participants to have access to any other board than the workshop board and want them to be able to be interactive just when the workshop starts.

Thanks a lot ind advance! Looking forward to your answers :)


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@Ulrike Hlawaczek -

You could control this independent of purchasing the day passes by sharing the board with the participants only once you want them to have access. Add them to the team but not to the share access for any board. You could also start off by only giving them view access beforehand and switch it to full access once the workshop starts.


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Hi @Ulrike Hlawaczek,

You can actually use the Share feature on your board to collaborate in a workshop and not incur day pass expenses.  I made a video to walk you through it, I hope this helps!


Hi @Jonathan White,

thanks a lot for your answer - this is quite helpful. This links enables user only for that one board, right? Is this link always the same and its status changes automatically or do I have to send it twice? 



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Yes, this just grants access to this one board, and the link stays the same, so you only need to send it once even if you change edit permissions. Glad @Kiron Bondale and I could help!