The formatting toolbar gets hidden under the main board information bar (after certain actions)

  • 12 August 2021
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Hey Miro community!
Nice to meet you. My name is Oksana and I’m using Miro heavily these days. I enjoy it a lot! This makes my professional life so much easier. 

I wanted to report a little issue with the formatting toolbar getting hidden under the main board info bar. I have recorded a GIF to show what happens. This mainly affected my convenience when trying to color a bunch of table cells (as I’m showing in the GIF). 

Submitting this because I really love Miro and I hope it helps. Thanks!

3 replies

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Hi Oksana,


Good to hear you enjoy whiteboarding with us!

Thanks for sharing this behaviour and adding a GIF to your report, this is very helpful! 
I have passed on your feedback to our product team.

Hi there!

This is happening to me as well. Quite frustrating! I wish we could somehow grab and drag the toolbar so we could view it where we want to on the screen or even pin it so it stops moving. 

Thanks for your help!


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This has started happening to me, too! Please advise!

It seems to happen when I select stickies….and then part of the menu disappears under the main sidebar menu.