Stuck on sign-in screen with Mac desktop app

  • 14 August 2020
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When entering my work email to sign in with SSO, the Mac desktop application directs me to an empty page with no other option than to click the ← Back button (which brings me back to the sign-in page). 


I’ve tried loggin in without SSO, doesn’t work. I’ve tried resetting my application data, doesn’t work. I’ve tried re-installing the app, doesn’t work. 


Does anyone has a resolution? Much appreciated!


Mac details: macOS Catalina, version 10.15.



11 replies

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@Mai Nguyen -

I’m assuming there is someone going wrong with the SSO capability, so I’d suggesting open a Miro support ticket for this issue here: Submit a request – Miro Support & Help Center


Thank you @Kiron Bondale will do!

I have the exact same problem. Could you solve it somehow?

We have the exact same issue and using ADFS for our SSO authentication, we have opened a support ticket at the moment. We have another application which exactly shows the same issue, the problem only occurs if the appropriate User-Agent is set and the ADFS servers are reached internally. WIA (Windows Integrated Authentication) is used at this moment and the Miro Desktop App seems to not correctly handle the authentication and fallback to Forms authentication.

Don’t think if there is any solution in place by MIRO, users from my organization has also reported issues with SSO login via MIRO app on Mac. 

Any suggestion? 

It keeps happening to me too… Very frustrating and I'll probably finish the work on Figma


I see that since 7 months this issue is persisting, and still having the same issue as others. I can see that miro app is not a native app but reflection of web app. so when I check developer console, the SSO link gets 401 from my company. The issue is not the response coming my company!!! but the authentication (seems basic auth) not working properly on the app version as it is working on web. since I see that is general issue rather than company specific, most likely it is the user authentication should be added into header? and maybe you guys should also read the error console and populate on the UI so people can report what the real issue is and people wouldn’t have to wait 7 months and appreciation wouldnt go down.


hope there will be a progress.

I’ve been experiencing this issue for the last 2-3 months its very odd, prior to this period SSO’ing via the mac app was fine.

I am on macOS Catalina v 10.15.7 can someone from Miro please respond to fix this issue?


I experience the same issue with SSO, in the App as well as in the Teams integration - currently Miro is only usable in the browser.

Joined the community just to report this issue, experienced by others in my company as well.
Also on a (intel) Mac, using SSO, able to login no problem with a browser, happened suddenly with no discernible cause. I’ve cleared the Library folders and reinstalled, I’ve reset application data, all to no avail.

Any update on a solution? Of course we can use a browser, but I really prefer the app.


I do have the same issue.

Has anyone found a solution or any answer from Miro?