[RESOLVED] Screen Sharing and Video Chat are not working

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Hello! I am preparing a workshop to be conducted by Miro. One of the essential features for conducting it will be Screen Sharing feature, where participants can follow my screen.

I've used it several times and it worked perfectly, but today when I clicked my entire screen was frozen and I had to reload the board. I cannot use the function, nor does the Start button appear on the screen.

Is this problem happening to anyone else? Is there any solution? Other people on my team tested and had the same problem.

Thank you!

Marina 4 years ago

Hey all,

The tech team reported that the issue has been fixed. Could you please refresh the webpage and check if screen sharing and video chat are working smoothly?

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I’m experiencing the same issue, start button doesn’t show up and it crashes the screen when you click on screen share. 


We will be running online tutorials with students, I've told them to use this feature to present- which now does not work! 




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Hi @Mariana and @Cara Lund ,


have you tried to login to your account with a browser instead of using the App.

Just view minutes ago I had a perfect working screensharing with Chrome and Firefox.

Does it work with one of the Browsers I reccomended?



Thanks for the info. Unfortunately it still doesn’t work on the browser used on chrome. 


Same issue here. Any solution from Miro @Mariana ?

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@Cara Lund @Mariana & @Miguel Moya :

If nothing had worked I reccomend that you please contact:


They of course can help you and solve your problem.



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Yep , I had this problem earlier today too using Chrome. Wasn't a major issue for me at the time, but would be good to know that it's fixed. 

Screen sharing is still not working in browser, in app and for guests with public link and me as logged in :cry: My colleague can hit share screen, but no one is able to join.

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Thank you for your help!

I tried on Chrome and Firefox browsers, and on the App. I still have the same problem. I contacted Miro support a few days ago, I am still waiting for the answer.



Same thing here. Start sharing either from Windows app or Firefox, other party cannot join.

Any solution welcome.

Same problem. And tomorrow I have a workshop!

Visitors can’t join to my screen sharing.

The icon appears in blue and with the dot, but the dialog to join doesn’t appears.


Help please,

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I received a response from Miro support saying that their tech team has already identified the root cause of the problem and is trying to resolve it.

Hello, I saw other users face to the same problem that I have, reading this platform. When clicking the feature 'screen sharing', it becomes blue and not dialogbox apprears and the whole screen is frozen. Only way to escape is to close the miro application. I run Miro with the app, no browser, and in sence it makes no difference. Also running from an other device wil show the same issue.

Is their an sollution, because I can not see that in this platform?

I'm preparing a Workshop for next week, so a sollution or quick fix will be great


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Jep, screen sharing and the whole call plug-in seem to be very buggy at the moment. This appears to be somehow connected to the Miro team making it a feature that works for registered users only, excluding anonymous editors from screen sharing or calls. 


One day more without share screen functionality.

Please Miro, tell us when it will be fixed.



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Hi all,

I’m so sorry you have encountered this issue :pensive:

 @Mariana, thank you for the update, and thanks, @mlanders, for recommending to send a support ticket to support@miro.com. If you submit a ticket, then Technical Support Engineers will update you when the issue is resolved. All technical issues (especially when something is not working) should be submitted to the Support Team in the first place.

@bennie and @Tim J. Peters, I’ve merged your messages to this thread as well to keep this discussion in one place. 

And thank you all for your understanding and patience!



Hi there.

I have raised a support ticket also, but I am really hoping this can be fixed VERY soon. 

I’m sure that you’ll be working hard on this, but I have a workshop in just 11 hours time which is reliant on the screen share function, and I’ll need to cancel the workshop it if it is not working :(

It was working for a similar workshop I ran a few days ago.

Fingers crossed!!!


Hi everyone, 

I am new to Miro  and I have the consultant membership.

I am creating project with several boards where I have to give instructions to collaborators in different countries. I am trying to use the video chat and or the screen sharing, I can see myself with the video on and I can see the screen sharing activated, but my guests can not see me, or hear me, neither see the same screen I am sharing.

Is anyone havign the same issues? Any tips? Thanks in advance!

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Hi @juan arita,


just look into this helpsite:


Make sure your guests clicking on the

join button:

and after that they have to click on the camera and on the mic button.

Last week I had a meeting and my guests needed a bit time till the had seen this buttons and used it.



Is anybody having issues with the guest editor users? Just a few days ago our guest editors stopped seeing the video chat options and are unable to join a conversation while in the board. They can enter and work on it, but can’t connect to a video chat - they can write on regular chat. The middle toolbar at the bottom of the screen doesn’t appear - so they can’t join a chat, enable their mic or camera.


Hi Marina, as a  Community Manager , is it possible to tell all involved users when this bug is fixed again, what the expectations are. Does it have priority?

I'm preraring a workshop for 10 people, and without this sharing function the team will get lost soon in my presentation. Thanks , Ben

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Hi @bennie,

Sure! I’ll write the update here. Let me check in with the team.


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Hey all,

The tech team reported that the issue has been fixed. Could you please refresh the webpage and check if screen sharing and video chat are working smoothly?