[RESOLVED] Miro either not loading or VERY slow and not showing all of my teams in my dashboard

  • 5 November 2020
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As of 9:00 AM CST (UTC-6), Miro appears to be experiencing issues. What I am seeing:

  • Miro either does not load at all and times out (I get a 502 Bad Gateway error)
  • If it does finally load, some (or all) of my teams are not present in my dashboard
  • Boards aren’t always loading (some just show the Miro logo spinning).

I have opened a help desk ticket with Miro.

There are no updates yet on https://status.miro.com/

Anyone experiencing issues?

Jonathan White 3 years ago

Now I can see my various plan accounts down the left of the page. Loading is slow, but all of my data seems to be there and I can now access all of my boards.

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23 replies

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And just after I post this, I received an email from my subscription to https://status.miro.com/


The message:


Full incident details: https://status.miro.com/incidents/kdpc74l7ltmj


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Miro is still in an unusable state for me right now. The Miro app is giving me a “504 Gateway Timeout” error for everything. I can get things to load in Chrome, but VERY slowly. It just took over a minute to load a new blank board.


Whatever was resolved is not working for me.

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Having some issue as well here in Poland. The site is not loading at all and gives the 504 gateway time-out message.

It started 10 minutes before we had a planned test with partners to show off the board we have created for an upcoming workshop. It was supposed to be a showcase of what we can achieve in an online format and convince them of the value of doing an online workshop. :disappointed_relieved:

First time this happens after using Miro regularly since march, but this is definitely a bad moment for this to happen for us. Thankfully it was just a test. 

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I just added a few comments to my ticket with support:

  1. I linked to this post for them to refer to.
  2. When my dashboard is loading, I can see my teams trying to load (the boxes are grey though) but then all but one of them disappear.



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If you are still having issues, please reach out to the Miro Customer Support team directly by creating a ticket via this special form.

It would also be helpful for the rest of the community if you were to come back here and share what the Support team told you.


I am a small business owner just starting off. I have chosen to try Miro over the last 3-4 weeks as a tool for my architecture firm. I have noticed in the past that Miro will sometimes be slow to load but will always load. Today, I can not get into any of my boards at all and at first all the boards I started were not even appearing. I was literally planning on purchasing the product today for my company’s use for the foreseeable future and now I am not sure.

No one at Miro seems to be accessible on any reasonable time frame or means. No number to call, no online chat support that I can find. This is a major issue for me. I have almost over 10k in business working hours in these boards that I NEED to access to work and am now losing more money and time not being able to access this. 

Can someone please assist? A prompt response to help here will go a long way in my decision to continue using this product and recommend it as I work with many consultants as well who have been interested in using this since I introduced it to them. 


Please help! Thank you. 

Same issues, including a “502” (not 504) gateway issue.

It was completely down for me and now it is extremely slow. 


Its still not working for me.



 Its a shame I have to go here to check status.




and Miro’s own status page shows everything working fine except that message that finally appeared. 



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I just received this update:

Hi there!

Thanks for reaching out and reporting the issue!

We're truly sorry to hear you're experiencing problems loading Miro. Our engineers are already on the case and doing their best to resolve this issue for you as soon as it is possible. 

Please bear with us — we will keep you updated on our progress.



I’m having issues as well the same as listed before. I have sent in a support ticket. Using another tool as a backup since today is the day that I normally use Miro to present with.

It does seem to work slowly on chrome as mentioned by another user.

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Hello Phil,


I’m sorry to hear that you were affected by the performance issues that Miro experienced today. The issues have been mitigated and we are currently monitoring the situation. Whenever there are any apparent issues, you can visit our status page to check how the situation is progressing:



If you are experiencing any problems on your account, please reach out to our support team here:


Alternatively, you can always post in this Community Forum. I assure you that we keep track of the feedback we received from our customers through this forum and try our best to solve any issues they report.

Kind regards.



Developer Experience Team

Thanks Daniela! 


The status link is definitely helpful and a source I was not aware of. I have reached out to the support team and it appears as if they are working on it now but unclear of the exact issue or when/how it will be resolved.


As I am looking to purchase this for my business and rely on it as a valuable tool and source it would be nice to know if there are any extensions of customer service or technical support for businesses. For instance, ideally there would be a phone number to a technical support agent I could call directly when an issue arrises, or alternatively live online chat, or even a dedicated contact for me to reach out too. 


If any of this is possible I would greatly appreciate you letting me know. 


Thank you.

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For myself, the behavior is the same for three different account profiles that I have and in Chrome, Firefox, Edge Chromium, and Chromium browsers, as well as the Miro 64-bit Windows desktop app.

10:08 AM CST (UTC-6): Still being flaky.

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Miro is up and running again for me after about an hour or so of down time. It’s still a little sluggish, but getting better. 

75% of functionality is back...(still slow, not loading every board every time I attempt it.) I have ten people working remotely trying to use it right now, so...not the best timing.

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Yep, I am getting the same thing in Chrome and in the Miro app. Which was really disappointing as I walked into a client meeting to showcase a Miro board I made. Yikes. 


I was able to access one page eventually, but only from one of my plan accounts. 

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Same here. I’m evaluating the tool for a major corporation and Muro failed 3 of 4 times I tried to use it in a workshop this week. I’ll reach out to tech support but I really need assurance that this was a rare glitch. And not just verbal assurance but uptime stats or something. I suspect these are scaling / tech debt issues with the surge in demand. 

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Things seem to be back to normal for me now. Fingers crossed as I launch the workshop!

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Now I can see my various plan accounts down the left of the page. Loading is slow, but all of my data seems to be there and I can now access all of my boards.

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I can see all of my teams again now the in the browser. I also tried the Android mobile app and it took about a minute to finally load my dashboard. Once I got into a board, I noticed that I cannot select an object to move it. There is already a post for this here → Error edit files in Mobile app

Hi Miro Team,


I’ve been experiencing intermittent delays in loading or uploading board content and I can’t export high quality PDF’s today (I just get a never ending loading spinner).

First time I’ve experienced issues with the platform. 


Is the team aware of such problems? Any idea on when the issues will be resolved? 


My internet connection is high bandwidth fiber.


Thank you,


Hi Phil,


Thanks for a prompt response!


True, as of now we do not provide phone support or live chat, but we are always eager to help you out via tickets that you can submit here.


For customers who find it crucial to be able to receive support according to certain SLA, we offer Premium Support addon. Premium Support Package is a paid option for Enterprise customers that require global support every day around the clock. Our support team will contractually commit to the guaranteed time to first reply: from less than 2 hours for urgent tickets to 2 business days for tickets with feature requests or documentation questions. You might also want to have a look at our Legal page that covers our Terms of Use including the Miro Support Policy


Do you think this will work for you? 



Customer Support Team Lead

Hey Mo!

Totally makes sense to check these ones. Does the status page provide the information you need - https://status.miro.com/ ?



Customer Support Team Lead