[RESOLVED] Links disappeared from boards

  • 30 November 2020
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I just began to use Miro recently and created new boards last week.

When I got back to it today, all the links (internal to objects and external to sites) I created has disappeared from all the boards! Exept for one, with a mistake I corrected before leaving the board on friday…

I tried to recreate the links but everytime I leave the board, the links has disappeared again when I reopen !

Does anyone now if it is a frequent issue? Do you know how to restore the links and make them stay?

BTW, I am still using the free version because I am testing the tool. Is there maybe a limit of links in free version?

And there has been only me working on these boards for the moment.

Thank you for the help.

Marina 3 years ago

Hi there,

@Yuki Takanami @Yuki Fujisaki @Mike Guiler @Matthias @Musaab Al-Okaidi @Martin Haustein @choon lim @Stephen Chew @Robert Johnson @Evan Wondolowski 

We appreciate your patience and understanding!

The team told me that this issue has been fixed. Could you please check now and confirm links stay where they should be?

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32 replies

Yeah, seems to work just fine, at least for now :)

i’ve tested this too as I was having same issue. Seems to be working now. Also duplicated my board to see if they still work in the copied version and still linked! Thank you!

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@Marina Checked today again and everything seems to work perfectly!

Thank you Miro Team !

It works for me now. 


Thank you so much :) 

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Looks like it is working for me too. Thanks!

I just spent an hour crossing link several dozen board only to have all the links disappear on browser refresh 😡

still today I have the same issue. It was working fine until yesterday and this morning the connections I make between post-its in a table immediately disappear