Removing team members but allowing them to keep their boards

  • 12 October 2020
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I’m using the free plan. I had a board that I owned but transferred ownership to another team member. I want to leave the board, the only problem is he is still on my team.

How do I do this? Do I get the owner to duplicate it to their team, then remove him from my team (thus removing the board)? This all seems overly confusing and not well throughout. 


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@brian - I had never transferred board ownership from one Free Plan team member to another, but just tried this myself and can confirm that although you transferred ownership of your board to this other team member, you will continue to see in your Free Plan team until this over users either:

  1. deletes the board; or
  2. moves it to another account.

This other team member can now move the board to account that their Miro account profile (email address) is a team member of by using the Move to account option:


Once they have done this, you can then delete/remove them from your Free Plan team.