Reaching out to Miro Sales unsuccessfuly

  • 11 January 2023
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I’ve tried to inquire Sales team regarding Enterprise license for four times now, unsuccessfully. 

We’re a big fan of Miro product, and we would really like to implement into our workflow, though Enterprise license is the only option we consider. 

I’ve inquired for four times, over the past 7 weeks. 

Did someone maybe faced similar issue? Is there a more “direct approach” to get a hang of somebody from sales? :) 


3 replies

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Hi @Edvinas Ganusauskas! Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Forum! Sorry to hear you’ve had trouble getting in touch with the team. We shared your question with the team who works with this account in Europe and hope they get back to you soon. In the meantime, if you haven’t already, you can fill out this form so our team can have your info! Hope this helps!

Good afternoon @Manouska, 

Thank you for swift reply. I’ve inquired previously using the same form you linked, so sales should already have my contact details at least four times :))). 

Thank you, have a great one! 

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Hi @Edvinas Ganusauskas apologies for the non-response here and thanks for jumping onto the forum the raise the issue! Someone from our sales team will be in contact with you directly. Thanks!