Prevent other mind map nodes from moving

  • 15 November 2022
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I’m having a hard time moving objects around. Every time I move one object “close” to another, the other one(s) move away like magnets that cannot touch. I want to let 2 texts to appear near each other but it seems impossible. I tried locking the objects that are already in place, but even locked the move up when I position the new text below the existing one.

Is there a way to make objects stay close to each other?


16 replies

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@Augusto Schnorr - I will assume that you are referring to mind map nodes? If this is corrent, then no, there is no way to stop other nodes from moving.

If you are not referring to mind map nodes, please let us know. A viideo of what is happening may help too - Loom is free and easy to share screen recordings.

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Hi, Robert!

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I was referring to mind map nodes!

Well, that’s a shame. Maybe I should have not used mind map then 😅

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Guess I will use a different mind mapping software then, this automatic behavior is horrible, causing exploded charts that are impossible to control


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I agree, this is really annoying to the point of making the template useless. Especailly on a small screen, the enforced huge distance makes it hard to see everything, as well as to organize things. Mind mapping should allow the user’s mind to map the way they want, not force their mind to work in a specific way!

Yes, it would be amazing if one can position individual nodes wherever one wanted, without effecting the other related nodes.

In this youtube video it seems possible to move individual nodes, but mine keeps snapping back to a grid position. Any ideas how to achieve the same flexibility as Steve Rawling did in the video?

This “mind map” component seemed so promising, but for the same reasons given above rapidly became impossible as the diagram became more complex.   I tried using “Lock” to fix the nodes in position - but it seems that the “Lock” only applies to me;   Miro allows itself to move the nodes just however it thinks appropriate even when locked.   Miro, what’s wrong with you?! I give up.  

Agree with the above - after a promising start with Miro mind-maps I am now utterly frustrated with it as I can’t get nodes to stay where I want them. When I move 1 others seem to randomly realign and move elsewhere. Would never have started with Miro mind-maps if I knew how painful it was going to be. I’ll seek out a more user-friendly tool next time.

Is it on the enhancement list to stop this somewhat random moving of nodes? It should not be this difficult to be able to get nodes to stay where the user wants them

Just created a mind map and stumbled across this issue and it’s maddening. The way nodes are rearranging themselves is nonsensical. Things are being moved too far away when they don’t need to be moved at all.

There should be a modifier key to turn this off, i.e. hold down shift when dragging to disable auto layout for that particular move operation. Or turn it off completely. Or fix the algorithm.

Very annoying! I had to redo my mindmap. May or may not have left a bit of a nasty comment here, but came back to change because I have to give it to Miro, re-doing it and every other feature is seamless.

Has anyone found an alternative or solution this issue? My mind map is completely worthless due to this issue. 😔

i made it smaller then made the font size bigger which helped somewhat but this feature is very frustrating especially when trying to fit the map into a frame

switching to another app because of this feature (or lackof). This is really annoying and it’s baffling how it wasn’t implemented since the first day :/ it sees pretty basic to me to have the ability to position your nodes how you want to. This isn’t user friendly at all.

Over 1 year ago since this was raised, no change. I’m giving up on it, Unfortunate, because it is the best looking mind mind app I’ve tried.

I have the same issue. It makes Miro virtually useless. I am going to ask for a refund.

I gave up on Miro for mind maps and started to use instead. It does everything I need.