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  • 11 February 2022
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I try to create small company relations diagram for internal use in Miro with brief personals official duties and contacts.

Its a sample how its looks like in

But the phone numbers are still not active

When I try to add <a href="tel:+XXX">Call me at XXX</a> functional into Miro, I have this message:


Is this forever? Thank you



6 replies

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@Volodymyr Bereza I googled it and found that you can try the following:
1. Add an object to a Miro board > select it > choose “Link to” in the context menu:


2. In the URL field you need to type tel://(phone number)/

Please let us know if it works for you!

@Helga This solution worked beautifully for a couple of months, but has now stopped working.  Has there been a change in protocol?  Thank you!

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Hey @Jennifer Peavey,

Could you please clarify what exactly happens now?  

@Alyona Thanks so much.  Right now nothing happens.  The URL link is tel://(123-456-7890)/ and prior to this it would dial my phone.  But now nothing happens whether I click on the object or click on the arrow.  The object is a sticky note.  Thanks again!


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Hi @Volodymyr Bereza ! The error message “Protocol not supported. Use http, https, mailto” means that you are trying to insert a link with an unsupported protocol type. As a solution, please use the http, https, mailto links. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi, Helga. But I need ACTIVE phone number (to let make calls directly from phone if I open it on iPhone/Android) How to make that by http, https ???