Not saving Frame names after I refresh the page

  • 14 January 2021
  • 3 replies

I am able to go into Frames and edit the ‘New Frame’ text to something else. 

BUT, when I navigate away from the board, or refresh the page, the new frame name I entered disappears. 

When I add other components and navigate away from the page, everything saves. Only issue is the frame name not saving. 

This is only happening for one of my boards.

3 replies

I have the same issue. It happens in both ways to change the name, in the frame navigation (both ways) as well as on the canvas.


Seems to be a bug that was introduced in last couple of days. 

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@Mythili Isola & @Lori-Penor  - I’m sorry that no one responded to this sooner. Are you still experiencing this issue?

I am not experiencing this anymore. Thank you!