New Beta Interactive Presentation Mode, Full Screen Not Working

  • 8 December 2022
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Screen grab of slide showing Frame Title in full screen mode



Hello! I have noticed a minor irritation when presenting using the new Interactive Presentation mode in my educator account. I typically use Miro for presenting my slides, screen sharing through whatever meeting platform I’m on (Zoom, Teams, etc).


When I enter presentation mode, full screen no longer maximizes my frames (as slide) with a clean, black background and no toolbars (which I prefer). Now it shows the Miro grey background and, annoyingly, the frame title (as shown above). 

Is there any way to access the earlier version of presentation mode, where entering full screen shows only the frame on a black background, with no toolbars or frame titles? Am I missing something obvious?


7 replies

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Hi @Trudy A Watt!

Happy to help here 😊

As much as we'd love to help, I'm afraid that we cannot turn back the old presentation mode for you - it's not technically possible. We're sorry about that! I’d like to mention that this is a new feature and the experience will be greatly improved as we gather and iterate on the feedback from our users. 

For a smoother experience, I can recommend the following:

  • Within presentation mode, you can restrict all or some tools the audience can use during presentation mode to ensure a clean presentation experience
  • You can also make sure it is a one-way presentation delivery experience by not sharing the board with the audience and just presenting from the presenter’s view (like how it was used before)
  • Lastly, please note that the toolbars will roll away if they are not needed (they only come out when the mouse moves to the side to where they are)

I realise this is not ideal, but I genuinely hope it can be of some help to you!


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@Arina Groznykh - thanks so much for your reply! I appreciate knowing that this feature is evolving (as is so much with Miro). 

Hi! Having the same issue here. I LOVED that I could use Miro as a presentation tool for my classes. Now that the full screen mode is no longer available and the transition has an animation I will be forced to move back to google slides… 

Would be really nice If we had that option back. Is there any channel were we could submit an official feature request? 

Thank you in advance,


Having the same problem. I would use Miro for all of our presentations, going into the full screen so it fills the screen. The controls showing and disappearing is distracting now, and you’re stuck seeing the gray background. Really unfortunate when trying to present remotely like in Zoom. 

Hi @Trudy A Watt  @Allieofisher and @Hugo Lucena - thanks for the feedback! I’m the PM for interactive presentations and we’re experimenting with a new design that solves some of these issues. Would you be interested in trying it out and giving us your thoughts?

@Joe McLean would be happy to! 

Great, I’ll DM you.