Nested Boards - Embedding a Miro board within a Miro board

  • 3 October 2022
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I would like to be able to nest a board or a frame from one board inside another board (a smart link). 

Basically it would be like the Fig-Miro plugin functionality but between board and with the ability to have auto update. 

I want that whenever the nested board or frame is updated the visual changes in the board will trickle up to the board it is nested in. Think of it as a visual window to another board that updates upon board load.

I don’t need to be able to edit the nested board or frame while in the hosting board so the link between the boards in visual only.

It would be great if I can choose to keep the updating link or sever the link or make the update automatic. 


Sometimes the work that I do is cross domains. Now every board is a domain of its own.

The ability to view an updated information from another board is very valuable.

So why not copy paste? Because it requires a lot of maintenance and going back and forth between the boards. 

How the flow will look like?

  1. Go to host board
  2. Create a frame 
  3. Select the frame
  4. Link to external board
  5. Select external board
  6. Entire board/frame in board
  7. The frame will show the board or the frame in the hosting board as an uneditable element with the control of Sizing and cropping only. 

2 replies

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Hi @Oz Shaar Moshe! There are a couple of Wish List posts about “master frames/nested frames,” here's one you should consider upvoting:

Agreed. We have the scenario, where teams during planning want to use the voting and other team features. But then it prompts other teams using the same board. So now every team has different boards. For leadership, it would be great to have a single board with the ability to look at live frames of the other boards and not need 5+ tabs open.