My board is gone

  • 18 October 2021
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Hi, I am a user with free plan, and have just 1 board (as far as I remember).

Today I got notification that I need to create a team and after I created it, I cannot find my old board any more. Has anyone encounter similar issues? Appreciate your help - the board was really important for me..

5 replies

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@morikumikonbu -

It is possible you created the board within the team which you had originally been invited to. In the left hand toolbar of the Miro dashboard, can you see a list of teams which you are part of? If so, there should be two teams - the one you just created and the previous one you were in. Click on the previous one and the board should be there.

Alternately, if you are using Miro via a web browser, check your browser history to locate the URL of the board and just access it that way. 


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Scenario: Miro suddenly prompts you to create a team as your account profile is no longer a member of any team.

This typically happens because:

1. Someone creates a free Miro account and starts inviting people to collaborate on a board

2. Each invited person starts creating their own boards

3. The person who created the team eventually realize that anyone they invited are now team members who are creating boards and have therefore used up the 3-editible boards allocation and deleeted the unintended team members

4. The deleted member returns to Miro and is presented with a "create a team" message as Miro has detected they are no longer a member of any team (at which point they have also lost their board).

The only way to get your board back now is to:

1. Contact the person who originally invited you to the team/to edit the board (this still may not be the person who deleted you from the team - it could have someone else, e.g., the person who invited you could have been invited by someone who was invited)

2. Ask them to find your board - note: it may be in the Trash, which they may not have access to if they are on the Free Plan, so you may have to send them the board link/URL, which hopefully you can find in your browser history)

3. Then they will have to set the board's Share setting to " Anyone with the link" to "Can view"

4. Once they have done this, you can open the board, click on the board name (top-left of the board), and use the Duplicate button to copy the board to your new team.

I got the same issue. Just lost my board in the same conditions. I tested other teams I could have been part of and it is nowhere to be found. I have no trash bin because I am also on a free plan. Can you help ?

@Kiron Bondale Thanks, unfortunately I don’t see any other team than the one I was forced to create. I’ve also tested the browser history but neither of them were the one I wanted to access. Anyways, thanks for your comment!

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@Mélissa Lemieux - I replied to your question in your post: