Miro WITH-N a Virtual Conference Centre - Who'd like to join in?

  • 24 August 2020
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I’ve been a little quiet here the last few days as I was off visiting a different  paradigm of tool set.

Virtual conference centres

One example is QUBE which is proprietary (& quirky!). Another is Virbella which provides a campus on which one can buy office suites and conference halls (starting at $100/mth for 10 people).

After a few days of playing my view is miro (or mural or deskle or conceptboard or awwap or twiddla…) are plug-ins to that host and not the primary ‘top’ piece of the connection chain.

There have been a lot of wish list posts here that would expand miro to be all things to all users - an impossible goal. A goal i’ve been instinctively uncomfortable with. Its upside down. Like expecting a spanner to drive nails and paint door frames.

Because of that ‘forced’ feeling I’ve had disquiet that things I want to do don’t work smoothly in miro. It makes for a UX that’s awkward in places. Now I’m imagining the drawing/ thinking tool as a point solution that fits inside the event not ‘being the event’ my concern that it is not adequate as a one-stop-shop solution is ebbing.

I’m a long way from a working paradigm. To get to a better understanding I’d like to try some prototype sessions. Its pretty much impossible to evaluate a collaboration tool as an individual.


So anyone up for some joint experimentation? @Isman Tanuri ? @Max Harper  @Rob Johnson @Kiron Bondale others?

Isman I found your event later this week - even though it runs over my midnight I tried to book but its sold out!

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@Simon.Harris -

How does this vary from the common combination of a tool such as Zoom with Miro?


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@Kiron Bondale 

I think its evolution

virbella gives a suite of connected 3d rooms with boards on the wall all of which can be loaded with different URL like a miro board, a ppt, pdf, you tubes etc - so we ask less of miro 

zoom is better for video (and i think virbella audio is clearer than zoom but beyond that its spatial, folk can talk over each other ok to a degree and you can ‘sit’ people at a table and turn on talk at table - they call its a “private volume” - so folk are in conversation just at their tables then back to whole room chat

Virtual conference centre vs zoom are really hugely different - there really isn’t a comparison - down load and go look and lets get a communal explore scheduled to try stuff