Miro app for Zoom won't load

 I downloaded Miro app for Zoom, logged in and this what it keeps showing. Tried logging out and loggin in again, updated Zoom to the latest version. Nothing helped. Is there a way I can intergrate Miro with Zoom successfully? 


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I am having the same challenge. My company’s account admin has checked it on the back end as well I am stuck in the same loading loop.

I also tried uninstalling and installing Zoom again, deleting and adding Miro app again. it just won’t work :(

Also, it allows you to create a board without registration just fine. The problem is only with loading existing boards of a registered account 

Hello Devs? Trying to test run your product for a business and running into the same issue. 

Hi! I am running into the same issue trying to load Miro boards for students in Zoom

Hello Everyone today 2-22-2023


Installing Zoom and Miro again, the screen is Loading and does not working !!!!

Some body can help with Tips ????

The same here.

When I try to open Miro while I am haing a zoom call, I only see the following page constantly - it’s loading….:

I already contacted the Zoom support and they told me that it needs to be solved on Miro’s side. 


When I sign out and try to sign in again via the Miro icon...

… I come to the following page:

Creating a board works just fine but I can not sign. When I push the “or sign in” button, my browser opens and I can chose the team in Miro I would like to connect

No matter which team I select and push “add & allow”, I end up on the same page as in the beginning:


Who has an idea what else I could try to make that work?


Thanks a lot !



same issue from my end
-I am a company admin for an enterprise team

-when selecting ‘sign in’ and choosing a team (Add & allow "Miro app for Zoom") I am redirected back to zoom, where the miro app keeps loading for eternity


Hi everybody! in my case the problem got solved when a bought a new laptop =/ seems like it’s pretty sensitive to the hardware level =/

Anyone found a solution?

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Hi @Phill Bueno Dutra 


Sorry to hear about the issues with Zoom app. Linking this article here with some steps for dealing with Zoom, just in case it’s helpful for the next time you or anyone else come across this issue. Hope it helps.