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  • 11 March 2020
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Is there a way to "mail merge" into stickies? I have a list of about 400-500 observations that I would want to create into individual stickies for within one board. Any way to merge from like an excel document to stickies? 


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3 replies

Hi Tania,

Maybe this could help you:  you can copy-paste excel cells into Miro using a keyboard shortcut, and it will transform into individual sticky notes: 


Pasting from a spreadsheet

You can also copy data from any spreadsheet and paste it on the board as a cluster of stickies, where each sticky note represents a single cell. Just copy and paste cells from the spreadsheet using Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V (Cmd+C / Cmd+V) shortcuts to import them to the board. Please note, that the maximum number of cells that you can paste at a time is 625; the maximum number of characters is 6000.


Importing a spreadsheet as Stickies

Please note, that this feature is not available in Internet Explorer browser.

(source from the Miro Knowledge Base)

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Very cool. :ok_hand_tone2:

Hello why are my comments from separate cells all being put onto 1 sticky?? Thanks