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  • 27 May 2020
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Dear all.

I searched but can't find (if there exists) the answer to this: is it possible to link to a search?


A link to a search could help highlight some objects in the canvas. It's like a link, but with multiple (and dynamic, since I can create a link and someone after add other objects that appears into that search results) destinies.

Thanks a lot for your time and attention... :)

6 replies

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Hi @Eduardo Mercovich,

This is a very interesting question :relaxed:  I’m afraid we don’t have this functionality. Can this be achieved with just a link to an object? In this case, you will have one link for each widget.

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It’s not the same. We already have object linking and it works flawlessly (and thanks a lot for that). ;)


However, this proposal of linking to a search would highlight not only many objects, but also objects that can change over time, son they are previously unknowable (and unlinkable).


Let’s see and example: imagine we have an ongoing work with a Team in which things are categorized (tagged) and we create/add new objects (lectures, techniques, whatever) as we go forward.

In this scenario, if we have a link to a tag search, every new day the found/highlighted objects will change (or just be added, newer ones), since the tags are fundamental and the tagged contents change with time.

In case of a Dev Team (not my case, but exactly as valid) if we have a kanban and the cards (tasks) are given tags (1 or more) by Chapter/group (say, platform, development, ux, sales, etc.) I can make objects that represent those groups and it would be easy to see/highlight (search) the tasks that somehow need them.

The tasks will change, but the Chapter/Team structure (tags), won’t. It applies the same if instead of Chapters were people assigned. With a click, I can filter the canvas to see only those things I’d need to see.

Maybe this example is a bit more convoluted than what is needed, but it’s just to explain. :)

Am I a bit more clear? What other people think or feel about this proposal?


Thanks a lot for your attention and time… :D


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Hey @Eduardo Mercovich 

Thanks for the explanation. Am I right that you intend to use this functionality for project management approaches?

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Not really… I’m giving a UX course. The conceptual map is simple:

  1. There is a process (define, understand, ideate, prototype, test, adjust) that is a spiral.
  2. Then we have a bunch of techniques (~20, they are really different variations of a few basic ones)
  3. and lectures (articles, books, etc.).

I gave each step of the process a color and a tag. Each technique and lecture (T&L) is tagged according to the step in which is more appropriate or useful. With time, we will add techniques and lectures.


I would love if clicking on the step would highlight those T&L more relevant to the activities on that step… :)

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@Eduardo Mercovich , I see… I’m afraid it is not possible now in MIro core product, but you probably can achieve this with the Miro platform. I think it is possible to create a plugin that will serve your use case. See for more details

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Hi Anton.

> [...] I think it is possible to create a plugin that will serve your use case. See for more details.


Even if it goes waaay above my level (I’m on UX, not development), I’ll look into it.

Thanks a lot. :)