Keyboard does not work after a minute

  • 18 November 2023
  • 3 replies

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I have to refresh my board every minute. The keyboard stops working. I can not delete in writing. I can not move right or left in text boxes. I can not do Undo and Redo with keyboard. many options with keyboard suddenly after a minute stops working unless I refresh my board again and again.

Can anyone help me what I should do? It started since yesterday. I did not updated anything. I tried both desktop app and web-based miro. Same issue in both platforms. 

3 replies

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I can click on an object and delete it. But I can not do that in text boxes. I can not copy and paste anything with keyboard either.

Same issue, shortcuts doesn’t work, keys not responding.

Same issue! No shortcuts work and I can‘t delete anything with backspace. Happens rather sporadically, yesterday it first didn‘t work, then it was all fine for a while and now it stopped working again.