Indicator when lines are horizontal or vertical

  • 2 May 2020
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When creating wiring diagrams for UI’s for example, or creating UML sequence diagrams you need to draw a lot of horizontal and vertical lines.  It would be really helpful if there could be some visual indication when drawing or extending lines that the are horizontal or vertical - a bit like the indications when you have something aligned with something else.


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7 replies

Even better provide a template for Sequence diagram please.

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Hi @David Coales.

Try holding Shift when creating a connection line, it will indicate a straight horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line. Does it help?


@Pavel.O, if you can’t find the needed template in the Template library, you can send us your idea, and we might add it to the library in the future.

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@Marina Wow that is super useful thanks.  Is there anything similar on tablets though where I don’t have the option to hold shift down ?

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Hey @David Coales,

No, not yet - for now this can only be achieved in the desktop version.

The main problem with that feature is that when the arrow approaches a shape, and you want to connect the arrow to a side of that shape, the vertical/horizontal feature stops functioning and is overridden by the feature connecting the arrow to the shape. The arrow can get pulled off the vertical/horizontal plane. Any workaround for this?

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@Jks2403 - I can't test this at the moment, but Ctrl (maybe CMD on macOS) will extend a line without auto-snapping to another object. So, perhaps Shift+Ctrl+drag will accomplish what you're looking to do.

Thanks Robert! That works like a charm. It prevents the line from connecting to the box, but I can deal with that. Much appreciated.