Icon for creating a new team in the dashboard does not work.

  • 25 January 2024
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After my account was switched from Consulting to the Business Plan, the "add a team" button in the dashboard no longer works. (To be honest, I don't know if the function was ever available.)

I can still create a new team via the settings!



I receive the message "You have joined all available teams" (in German).

But I'm trying to run the function once to get rid of the notification in the help area about new functions - which I can't do.

Does anyone have the same problem?

4 replies

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Hello, Mr. @Paul Snedden!


When your Miro account profile is a member of no team, a Free Plan, Starter Plan, Education Plan, it will be “Add teams”:


Which will prompt you for the team name you would like:


And then the paid subscription type you would like:



And if your profile was not a part of a team, it would just create a Free Plan team.

If you have a Business Plan, you would be prompted to either (1) create a new team space under that plan or (2) create a new paid subscription:


And, finally, if your profile is a member of an Enterprise Subscription (while still a member of any other plan type), you will either be told that “there are no more teams left for you to join” or “Ask to join” or “Join” another team space in the Enterprise plan:


That was my issue a few months ago where I was a member of the above teams, but needed a Company Admin to delete me from the subscription, so that I could once again create Teams more quickly from the “Add teams” action. And, because I was a part of the above Enterprise Plans, I could not even create a new paid subscription if I wanted to. The big challenge for me was that some of the Company Admins of the above plans were no longer with Miro, so the support had to finally intervene. 

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That button is not for the creation of a team. It’s to add teams to your dashboard that already exist.

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@Bensen - I went through the same thing myself recently.


Because my Miro account profile was added as a member of a Enterprise Plan team space, and Domain Control was enabled for that Enterprise Plan, the “+” symbol on the left, that would usually say “Add teams” was now “Join teams” or, as the original poster showed us, if they had joined all, they were blocked from doing anything.

You will need to

  1. go into your user profile settings (https://miro.com/app/settings/user-profile/),
  2. select the Enterprise Plan team/company team space
  3. Go go the Active users page
  4. Filter by role and find a Company Admin and email for help in being removed from the Enterprise subscription.

Hello Peter

I have the same issue. Could you fix it?