How to revert changes

  • 11 April 2020
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I accidentally selected all the items on my board, deleted them and then refreshed the page. Now there is now undo button. I never downloaded a backup so I can’t restore the board.

Is there a way to revert the board to previous state?

36 replies

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@Amy R -

If the new content restore capability isn’t going to help, your only recourse would be to contact Miro support here: Submit a request – Miro Support & Help Center

Good luck!


I just accidentally selected all items on the board and ducplicated them and there’s no painless solution to undoing that. The board becomes more or less unworkable with that many items and having to manually delete them is crazy.

I followed up with the Help Center and they wouldn’t help me. They said it would take too much computing to do it. I am shocked -- the fact that you can’t revert to an earlier version is ridiculous. Good luck, Adam...

Seems like there is the Western Wall right here. Thanks God I was putted only just about 40 stickers on the board till 30 of them are dissapear cause closing browser.

Miro has pretty design and UI/UX, but it doesn`t matter, if you can lost all of your work!

You guys need to iintroduce version control or history of changes straight to the boards asap.

Good luck! Going to search more safely instrument

Hi! I too need the historu of changes-function! Urgently! Just like en Google-doc, where you easily can acces a former version of a document. 

Please, is there still no way to do this today?

I had this same issue and in order to retrieve the images on my board, i followed the below steps :


Click on the 2 forward arrows at the bottom left of the page

Go to the lightening looking icon ‘Activity’ . This icon gives you a list of your activity and next to each one says ‘restore’

Click on ‘restore’ on the timestamp of when it was deleted and this should restore your images. 

@Chrissy X The only part that can be restored seems to be deleted items from what I see. That’s good to know at least. But breakages in design could not be reverted this way.


I think a good enough implementation of history for me would just be a kind of timeline to bring it back X number of minutes/hours/days snapshots before. Doesn’t need to be more complex than that. A bit like Wordpress revisions.

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@Amy R - There is currently no way for users to restore boards from a specific date/time.

You would need to contact Miro support to ask if it is possible for them to restore a version of the board.

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This might be similar to this one:

Consider giving it your vote :)

Can Miro please enable “Cmd+Z” on the Mac to help us avoid digging into the “Board History?”

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FYI: You can now restore previous versions of boards using the Board history feature: