How to embed miro's frame in Notion

  • 7 July 2021
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I want to embed miro's frame link in Notion.

I copied miro's frame link and embedded in Notion but embedded thumbnail don't show the frame in Notion. 
The embedded thumbnail show other point of miro's board.

When I pasted miro's frame URL,it worked.
But I want to show thumbnail of miro's frame in Notion.
Do you know how to work?
Is it bug?

Thank you for your reading😀



Best answer by Robert Johnson 7 July 2021, 06:34

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3 replies

@Robert Johnson Thank you! I did’t know that way.

It works on the Notion website!

but don’t work on the Notion Application😖

Maybe it's a problem on the Notion application side...hmm

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@Yuka Kurosaki - And here's a post that demos having your embedded boards "autoplay" rather than just displaying a thumbnail/play button:

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@Yuka Kurosaki - To embed a Miro Board into an external website, you will need to follow the instructions in the following Help Center article: