How to edit a Mermaid Diagram

  • 8 November 2022
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It’s great to see that Miro supports Mermaid Diagram.  I’ve created a few in my board already.  But I can’t find _edit_ menu or at least see source code of it.  How can I edit a mermaid diagram? 

4 replies

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I found that it’s not possible in the first version.

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Hi @Yasushi SHOJI ,

We’ve made a few updates to Mermaid. You can now edit your diagrams, to edit, select the image generated by one of the apps and then click the toolbar icon. The source of the original diagram will be loaded in the editor.

Here you can find all the updates we made.



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Which icon are you talking about for editing?

Ah! This? that’s not intuitive is it?  But once I know I can work with it.

Thanks for your update!

This stopped working not too long ago - anyone else having this issue?