How to create a free team

  • 9 August 2020
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I would like to try Miro and use their Free Plan. How can I create a free Team?


Best answer by Robert Johnson 10 August 2020, 06:59

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Welcome to the community, @Christian Graf v. Normann. Seeing as you're posting here, you do have an account. Had you signed up by invitation to join someone else's team?

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I'm trying to reply from my phone, so bare with me as getting screenshots and typing a bunch is a slow process from here.

You'll know if you're the team owner of a team by selecting it from your dashboard (top-left corner), then selecting the Team profile settings button, and scrolling down where you will either see Leave team, Delete team, or both (both of you're the team owner and there are no other team members).



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You can also check your team member status by going to the Team profile page and then on the left selecting Active users. You'll either be Team admin or just a team Member.

Be aware that, you can create a Free Team, add other members, make one or more of them an Admin, and then they can demote you from Team admin to Member only 😞, at which point you will lose the button to Delete the team. Sorry for the overload of info, but there are a number of nuances to be aware of. Of you just want to talk this out over a phone call, direct message me on here and I'll give you my number to call me.

Dear Rob

Thank you for your quick and elaborate reply.

I got invited to a Miro-board and in due process I signed up.

I am now member in five teams but in none of them admin.

I never created my own team or my own board.

But when I try to create a team I am only offered payed services.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks and best regards

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I'm back home now and on my laptop, so this should go a little quicker for me ;)

I believe the scenario you have described is a bit of a bug/known issue, but I will gladly invite another very experienced Miro user/community member, @Kiron Bondale to chime in - as well as anyone else who can help!

From what I’ve learned, since you joined by invitation to another team,  in order to create your own team you will need to:

  1. Leave all five teams that you are currently a member of.
  2. Once you have left ALL teams, you will most likely experience a known issue where Miro will no longer load for you, i.e., the spinning Miro logo will just… spin. To get around this, you will need to login to Miro using your browser’s Incognito/private browsing mode.
  3. Once you are logged back into Miro, you should see no team in your dashboard, and have the “+” icon to create your own Free team.
  4. Once you have created your Free Plan team, you should be able to go back to your regular/non-private browser session (you may need to logout and back in).
  5. And the last step, have someone invite you back to those five teams you were a member of.

If all of that fails, you should definitely open a ticket with with Miro support.


Dear Rob

Thank you very much!! Form what I read this might be the answer.

Yet I am in a bind here. On the one hand I like Miro. It works great.
But I very much dislike their very pushy way to make you pay for their services.
We are using various Miro boards in the company. But I am very hesitant to ask my boss to pay for a premium account because of their greedy way of forcing you into paid services.

Thank you very much and I will try that.

Best regards from Switzerland

And it worked. Like a charm !!

Thank you very much!

Best regards



I have the same problem, but there is one team and I can not leave (I have the ‘leave team’ button but nothing happens if I click on it), so I do not know if it would work for me or not.

Do you have any idea @Robert Johnson ?

And what will happen with a board I created in a team? Who will be the owner if I leave?

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@Kovács Ramóna - This could be due to someone adding you to one or more boards that are located in this team that you cannot “Leave”.

It is rather odd that absolutely nothing happens when you click the Leave button - no error, flicker of the button, browser error, etc. I suppose I am assuming you are using a browser. What about if you try a desktop app instead?

Thank you Robert for the fast answer. I will try it, but now I’m waiting for the support team to answer as well because I don’t think it is normal, that I can’t use my free boards just because I was invited in groups first.

The support team made me a free plan supereffective and fast. :)

So problem solved. Thank you!

For now you don’t have to use incognito mode. I just left all my teams and it worked. Thanks @Robert Johnson