HOW TO: Copy content from a free acount to the company account whiteboard?

Hello all together,

I’m new to miro and are struggling with the - so I thought - simpliest thing on earth.


How do I copy content from a free acount whiteboard → to the company account whiteboard?

I’m on FF and Chrome.


What do I do:

  1. I am on my free Account Whiteboard
  2. Strg A / or mark certain drawn elements on the whiteboard
  3. Then I tried both: Strg c and with right click and context menu Copy
  4. Then I switch to the company account (different browser)
  5. and paste it

    … nothing happens / as if there would be nothing in the clipboard.

    Can anyone help, please!

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in your free account you can choose that you want to share your board with someone.

Invite your company account into your board.

After this you can find a symbol in your miro account:

Go into your free account and copy from the board everything you like to.

Go into your paid account and add it into the board.


I followed above instructions but I am unable to copy paste from free account into paid account. Also i am unable to see any SYMBOL and unable to copy anything from FREE ACCOUNT. it always says me to UPGRADE. @mlanders Please help!

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Hi @Emad Mohammed this looks like an issue that we’ll need to look at in more detail. Can you please submit a ticket to our amazing Customer Support team. We’ll try and get this resolved as soon as we can. 

To confirm, there is no way to copy backup everything in a project or to do any kind of bulk copy and move of boards from one account to another account? Correct?

The only option would be to copy/paste the boards into the new account or share them and then open them in the account and create a duplicate of the board, correct.  This would be my approach, but just double-checking to make sure there is not a simpler way, since I have a lot of boards.



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@Jake Calabrese -

There is no bulk backup and restore, but other than the two methods you indicated, the simplest method for moving content to another account is doing a restore of the manual backup of a board.


@Kiron Bondale @mlanders is it possible to:

  1. Invite your user account from the paid version to your board on the free version
  2. Change the permissions on the newly invited user account to “Is Owner”
  3. Remove your free account from the board

Will that transfer the board from the free account to the paid account or will it just leave your free account with a board you no longer have access to?

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@BenP -

The latter as this won’t transfer the board as the board lives within the context of a team and the team is associated with the free account.

You would be better off copying & pasting all the content from the shared board in the free account to a new board in the paid account.


Thanks for the clarification @Kiron Bondale 

This isn’t solved.

Scenario: some teams are running to their limit of 3 free boards. I have set up a workshop from a paid space, within the same organisation, copied my workshop into a dev team (free space). I can’t move the free board to the paid space which I have just run as a workshop, as there are restrictions of the numbers of seats in the paid space, so if I was to move the board from the free to the paid, the dev team will lose all access to their WIP.

I can copy from the paid space into the free, but what I can’t do is copy from the free into the paid. This seems such a simple thing to expect that I can do, but can’t.

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@Chris Waldron -

It sounds like your issue is not with the migration of the board to the paid plan but rather that there aren’t sufficient user licenses in your paid plan for all collaborators. Unfortunately, with paid plans, unless your collaborators are just viewing or commenting OR you wish to use the anonymous guest editor access, you would need to have paid for each distinct user.


I think I have the same issue as the OP.

I started with a free account with email#1, built and populated a board to demo with some new work colleagues. The boss was impressed and created corporate MIRO account for me and others with email#2.

And now I can find no way of migrating, cut ‘n pasting, transfering ownership, importing or even bloomin’ teleporting the whiteboard from email#1 account over to email#2. Of course, I can share it with the other corproate team-members - but I want to abandon the free account and pull the board over..

In all the suggestions above, I cannot find the buttons or options proposed.

Please help!!

I have submitted a request to customer support, but still waiting on an answer...

I have the same requirement as Frazer Wilson, and experience the same issues.    The lack of this feature is making me want to abandon Miro in favour of an alternative (e.g. Mural).   

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@Jim Bob A Lob - If your Miro account profile is a member of more than one team, and the team from which you wish to move/transfer content from is a Free Plan team, you can move a board (that you are the owner of) using the Move to team action as shown in this Help Center article:

If you are not the owner of a board, then you can use the Duplicate action on any board in a Free Plan team and then move that board to another team -- steps to Duplicate a board can be found here:

Please let us know if this does not help.

Robert, thanks for this.  Armed with your links, I did eventually succeed.  But I needed to undertake a few steps prior to your first link, in order to make this work.  To be fair, you kinda implied some of this stuff, and I’m very grateful for your pointing me in the right direction.  


For anybody with a similar problem, here’s a recap of my Use Case:

  • I had a board, on a Free Plan Team, for which I was the owner, under a given user account (let’s call it profile # 1)
  • I wanted to move the board to a Corporate Plan Team, for which I am a member.  I have a different user account here (let’s call it profile # 2)


And the Solution:

  1.  First, I had to ensure that the my profile within the Corporate Plan Team was the owner of the Board intended to move from the Free Plan Team. 
  1. I then logged out of Miro.   And logged back in using Profile # 1.
  1.  Finally, I followed these instructions, to move the Board out of the Free Plan Team, and put it within the Corporate Plan Team.


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@Jim Bob A Lob - Glad to hear you got it sorted, and thanks for sharing the details for the rest of the Community! I definitiely did imply a few things, but would have gone into more details if I wasn’t packing up at the hotel to head down to Miro’s Austin hub where I will be answering Community questions live from my AMA station: