How to bound sticky notes?

  • 18 March 2020
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I created a new tailored board for my particular purpose and added some shapes together, it looks nice and fits my needs.

My journey was a bit troubled, I am not used to Miro and took a long time to fnish this board. Lots of rework.

However, as soon as I added a sticky note, I noticed that the sticky isn’t bounded to the shape. Meaning, if I move the entire board, the sticky notes remain at the same place, they don’t move together.

What am I doing wrong?

4 replies

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Hey @Renato Spakauskas,

My congrats on your first board! :thumbsup_tone2:  

Did you use Frames and put objects inside them? I am not sure why the stickies remain at the same place :thinking:  Could you please record a screen video showing the issue? 

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Hey, how are you Marina? Hope you are well.

I’m struggling to record my screen for you. And no, I am not using Frames. Should I?

Best regards.

Hey @Renato Spakauskas you’ll definitely want to use frames if you want your objects (e.g., sticky notes) to stay together.

@Marina I am having a similar problem even though I am using frames. I am using rectangular sticky notes within a frame. As the default sticky note size is square, I am duplicating existing sticky notes to create new ones. The duplicated sticky notes behave weirdly. If I move a duplicated sticky note, it often snaps back on top of the one that I duplicated it from. And if I move the frame, some of the duplicated sticky notes aren’t attached to the frame. I have work arounds to fix this (e.g., move the frame to identify all of the orphan sticky notes, multi-select all orphan notes, and then drag them back into the board to re-attach them) just means more time to tidy the board. Is there a way to change the default size of sticky notes (i.e., from square to rectangular)?

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@Peter, thanks for your input!

I reproduced this behavior - it happens if the Grid option is enabled (you can choose between Grid and Freeform in the frames content menu). Duplicating stickies in the freeform mode leaves them attached to the frame.

I’m going to convert your question to a support ticket so that the Support team can address this minor issue. They will get back to you via email. 

Speaking about the default shape of a sticky note, I will pitch this idea to the team. Thanks for sharing!