How the consultant plan works?

  • 12 October 2020
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I do not really get how the consultant plan works.

If my there are two ppl on my client side, does it mean,i have to purchase 3 licenses?

Or can i purchase only 1 (for myself)?


Why would i purchase a consultant plan, if i could use a team plan and invite my client as team member?

4 replies

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Under the Consultant plan @Astrid , you only need to start with a single license for yourself. If you have two client collaborators you need to decide what makes the most sense from a cost & feature perspective:

  1. Free, use the anonymous guest editor option. The downside is the collaborators won’t show up as “named” users and there are a few features which are unavailable to these types of users.
  2. Use day passes. This works well if they will be needing Miro access for just a day here & there but expensive otherwise.
  3. If you are on a monthly billing plan, you can pay for 2 licenses for them for the month and if your work with them ends that month you can reduce your license count for the next month (i.e. only pay one month’s usage for them).

The big advantage of the consultant plan is the ability to create multiple teams to segregate access between different clients.


Thanks, Kiron.

That was quick.


But could not i do the same as you described with point 3) via the Team plan - which has a lower fee per individual?

Provided, ofcourse, that i work only with 1 client.


Does the team plan mean that each licensed member can see everything all the time?

basically that i will have “no privacy”?

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@Astrid - Just to clarify @Kiron Bondale's comments around using free Guest Editor access, if your clients were to sign up for their own Free Plan Miro team (or already have their own account), when they access your boards as Guest Editors while they are signed into their own Miro account, then their names will show up beside their cursor.

Some more info for you:

- Consultant Plan

- Compare Plans and Features Available

Collaboration with Anonymous Guest Editors

Thanks @Robert Johnson 


basically, all this lack of clarity means that we have to upgrade and simply try different versions and see what will work best.

Our conclusion over here is at this pint not to use Miro - too much uncertainty what features you got for whom at what price - and more important: too much time consumed to figure that out.


Thanks to @Kiron Bondale and @Robert Johnson for your support