How many users can be on a board at once?

  • 13 March 2020
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We’re trying to host a Summit with upwards of 80 participants.

How many users can be on a board at once?



18 replies

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Hi Mattew, thanks for asking!

Do you mean 80 participants are going to edit the board? 80 editors should be fine.

Please, make sure to check the system requirements to ensure a better experience.

Also, as soon as you have all the details of the Summit (number of participants, editors, commenters, viewers), feel free to let our Support Team know, they will check it with the team once more.

Thanks for the reply Marina! That’s helpful.

As a follow-up: Is there a limit to how many people can edit a board at one time?

So if we had all 80 participants edit a board at once, would that be possible?

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Hey Mattew,

Yes, it would be possible. And also to have a better board performance we do not recommend a lot of ‘heavy’ content on the board (heavy images, pen objects).


How many active users can participate in a session at once?


We’re doing a design thinking experiment and asking for input from potentially 100 users. How might the system respond to that?


thanks heaps!

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Hey @Jason Hardie, I’ve merged your question with a similar topic.

The performance depends on the activity you expect from the participants. Normally, you can have up to 100 users simultaneously working on one board (make sure to check the recommendations above). 

You can also try to turn off the collaborators’ cursors. It may help to improve performance.

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We had 180 clients working on a miro board at the same time and it worked very fluent. Cursors off was a big improvement though. ;)

Have you folks stress-tested Miro to see how many people can safely collaborate without delays or crashes? I was just trying out another tool with 9 people and it could not handle it. Looking for another option.

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Hey @rachelg,

I’ve moved your message to this topic. Please see the discussion above.

Hope that helps! :relaxed:

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I've got a colleague who might have a very large workshop with 500 people simultaneously. That's probably not going to work, correct?

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Hi @Rico Trevisan

We would really want to know more about your colleague’s workshop. Could you introduce us?
Answering your question, for this to work the majority of participants on the board must be viewers. 500 editors on the same board are above our capacity at the moment.

Another option our customers do is split the users into a few boards.

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Thanks for the tips, @Timm Shrago . 

I've passed the message on to the colleague who was thinking about this, but no reply so far. I've just nudged him again.

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Did the workshop with 500 people work? I’m setting up a similar event next week. Choosing between anonumous guests and named profiles is still an inssue.

Hi @Marina @Timm Shrago - I am currently organising the company event to support roughly 350 participants to use the MIRO. Does 350 participants sound okay to edit at once? What will be the Maximum numbers of editors can be supported at once?  

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Hi @Amanda DY Lee 
Thanks for asking.

Although we had 350+ sessions, supporting a smooth experience at such a scale is a challenge we haven’t fully solved. Consider that the board is likely to gradually slow down with the number of users and lag to some extent during intensive user activity. Participants with older and less powerful devices will experience a slow-down earlier. Be sure to check the tips on how to improve performance during a collaborative session.

So we recommend you take measures:

  • Have a plan B — split collaboration in several boards with smaller audiences. This is preferable.
  • If you decide to try and collaborate on one board, consider that entering the board will take more time as more users join the collaboration. Be sure to give enough time for everyone to open the board — for example, split participants into groups and enter the board in waves. To speed it up ask participants to turn off cursors (it is best done in advance on any other board).

Let us know how it goes. 

@Timm Shrago ! Thanks for your reply, this is helpful indeed! Just to want to double-check on this based on your reply. Does that mean MIRO can actually support approximately 350 people and does it also mean that MIRO can support them with the normal (free) accounts that are entitled to the new users? or do we have to pay for an upgraded board to support 350 people at once? :-) Appreciate your reply here!

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@Amanda DY Lee 

While Miro can support 350 simultaneous editors, there will be reduced performance.

While, yes, hundreds of people can edit a board using a Miro Free Plan, to do so they all have to be members of the Free Plan team where the board is located. Therefore, if you wanted to host a session with 300 people editing a board, you would have to add 299 people to your team - you don’t want to do this, unless you don’t mind the administration nightmare.

You’d be better off having a paid plan and using the guest editor access feature - your participants aren’t even required to have a Miro account. If you only require this feature as a one-off, the absolutely cheapest/lowest spend option would be the Consultant Plan for one person for $15 for one month (while the team option is $10 per users per month, there is a two person minimum required, so that would be $20).

There are many options when it comes to Miro and unfortunately there is no clear infographic or questionnaire (or anyone you can call or chat with directly at Miro) to help you decide which solution is best for you.

You may benefit from clearly outlining your scenario and desired outcome, e.g., we are a team of “x” size looking to host a virtual session for a group of [number of users,  type of users - technical/not technical] over the course of [one time, days, week, etc.].

Here are a few Help Center articles that you should review:

Aww thanks for your reply @Robert Johnson - It’s indeed helpful! :smile:  

Hi, I’ve got two separate scenarios that I would like help with. 


For the first, we are going to break out into about 10 groups, with about 15 particpants in each group. We would like each group to be inputting into essentially the same scenario, but they might all come up with different solutions. I am assuming that the best option here would be to have 15 separate boards? And we then just send them an individual link to the specific board that they are on? 


For the second, we will have four breakout groups, but each group will be much larger, up to 50 participants (though possibly only 20-30). The Miro boards will mostly be used to capture notes from the group discussion. 


I note that we will need to have a subscription, as teh free account won’t allow us to have these people edit, unless they are part of our team. What subscription will this require, and how do you turn off the cursor, as was recommended above?