How do I get back into the team?

  • 15 April 2020
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When I created an account Miro has served up two teams as a suggestion and I joined one. There I created a mind map. Then I figured it’s a wrong team and left. I joined a new one and than realized I lost access to my board. So I left second team to go to the first one - but now I can’t figure out how do I find it???It’s not on the left any more. Super weird UX :(.


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3 replies

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@Samantha - is it possible that your company administrator for Miro might have removed your access to the first team? Teams do provide a way of segregating access between different user accounts, hence the question…


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I got it sorted with the help of our org admin. But overall very strange: I could add myself to a suggested team upon creation of the account. But, once I left the group, there is no way for me to undo, to resurface that group, to even search for it and request access. Quite confusing.

Hello, I left the team, since I couldn’t make a purchase. Then I lost my boards, and now I can not find them. How can I find my old team?