How do I export annotations to .pdf?

  • 12 August 2020
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I just started using Miro for allowing my team to mark-up/annotate on .pdf maps. That is working well, but I cannot figure out how to export the annotations they make along with the .pdf itself...Any ideas?

12 replies

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@Ryan Wagner If by Annotations you are referring to Comments, this is not currently possible as per this Wish List item:

If that is the functionality you are looking for, u suggest you vote for the above post.

Thanks for the response. I did see that thread when I was looking for a solution. I suppose it would fall under the same category as “comments,” but I was referring to the drawing tool specifically. I added my vote what you linked.

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Thanks for the response. I did see that thread when I was looking for a solution. I suppose it would fall under the same category as “comments,” but I was referring to the drawing tool specifically. I added my vote what you linked.

I did draw and arrow using the drawing/pen tool, then I used the export this board feature (top-left of the board, to the left of the undo action, and then Save as PDF. My arrow was present in the exported PDF (I tested both the Small file size and Best quality options):


Can you provide a screenshot of an example of what is happening for you?

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Hi Ryan,

as Rob mentioned at this time there is no way - but you can use a workaround:

I know that is not the solution you’re looking for but you can use the visual-note tool with your whole team - everything you and your team note there could be saved as a pdf file:



@Rob Johnson Thanks for that workaround. I used your idea and got it to work. I was hoping I could add multiple .pdfs, mark them up, and then export them individually. Looks like when I do that, I lose the annotations. When I export the whole board, I get to keep them, however. 

Wondering if the enhanced .pdf export resolution with the paid plan would be substantially better…

I can’t take a screenshot at the moment, but here’s a photo I took with my phone. 


My hope is to be able to assign multiple maps from my guys in the field, who then will write on them. It would be great if I could then export the maps individually to put them where I need them. Like I said, if I export the whole board, it’s not too helpful…


Basically I need to merge the written notes with the .pdfs.


Sorry to run long!

@mlanders That is a cool idea. I may be able to put that to use...I tried to lay out my situation in my response above, and I don’t know who - if anyone - is attempting to use this app the way I am; that is, for service work in the field.

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@Ryan Wagner You could put each map in their own frame and then, with a paid plan, you could export the frame as a high resolution Vector-based PDF file. This option would be found in the frame menu under Export as image:



If you had the Consultant Plan, you would have access to all of the features. Then you could enable Guest Editor access for your board(s) and share the link with your team in the field. Once they are in the board, they could “star” it by clicking the star at the top-left corner of the board, to the right of the board name. Now, whenever they go back into Miro, and click on Starred, they will see the board - this step is important because, if you are doing this from your Consultant Plan, they will not see this plan/team in their dashboard, but they can get to it again from the Starred boards page, otherwise you would have to pay for each of them to be on a team. Here’s a full break down of plan features.

@Rob Johnson Thanks for all the great (and quick) responses. This is a great forum, and I’ve only been using Miro for a couple of days…


Am I right that Vector PDF will let me keep all of the annotations? That would be fantastic.

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You’re welcome!

I just did a quick test…


Vector export of frame:


@Rob Johnson Fantastic. I am sold.


The long and short of it is: I run a crew of eleven guys that go out in the field and need to add notes to maps. I had never thought about trying a “real-time collaboration whiteboard” before, but after trying it on the free plan with one employee, it seems to work great. I am just wondering if I can manage all eleven people and find a good way to work with the 2,000 map pages I have in .pdf form…

I have been using Google Drive to store and organize pages by the town they are in, and then I link Google Drive to a .pdf editor app so they can mark them up. There are some issues with the link between the apps and the mobile phone hotspot…


With Miro, it looks like I’m able to see what they are writing as it happens, which is amazing. 


Last question (for now): Is there a limit to how many boards I can have stored? Could it really handle over a thousand? I don’t need to simultaneously use more than fifteen or so at a time...

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I haven’t been able to find any community posts, help articles, or web pages on Miro’s site that indicate a technical board limit per account. If you have any concerns, could export the boards in .rtb format RtB stands for RealtimeBoard - Miro’s former name). You could also export to PDF, if you foresee yourself ever having to edit them again in Miro.

There is also a Wish List item posted where users have expressed a desire for the ability to export comments. This could be ideal for you as your team members could eventually add a comment to the map. Once exported to PDF, I would expect that the Miro board comments would carry over to an exported PDF and show up on the PDF like comments do, e.g. in Adobe Reader:


I would suggest clicking this link and adding your vote (click on the Votes ## button):

@Rob Johnson Thank you. I went and added my vote the wish list item. This has been helpful.