How can I change the email I am using for the Miro Community?

  • 15 August 2020
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The email address that I was using for Miro had to change to a new email (and new account). I don’t want to lose my community posts to create a new miro community account… But I don’t see a place to change my email address that is associated with the miro community. I looked under profile and settings.  I search the community site for change email.  Any ideas?


4 replies

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@Jake Calabrese If I’m understanding you correctly, it sounds like you created a new Miro account with a different email address. Community profiles (and associated posts), as I’m sure you are now aware, are directly linked to Miro accounts. I’m not sure what kinds of admin functions/tools are available for this Community software. This sounds like a question for the Community Manager, @Marina.

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Sure, thanks for the mention, @Rob Johnson!

@Jake Calabrese, I will reach out to you in DM.  

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@Marina I would also like to change the email attached to my community membership.  
When I first tried out Miro, I created a free account with my personal email address, and then when I created a team account with my organization, I started posting in the community with that account. I want to change my profile over to my other email account. Is that possible?

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Hi @Brian Fulghum,

Sure. Writing a DM to you :slight_smile: