Guest Users cannot authorize custom plugin

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Hello everyone, hope someone can help me out here. 

I have a consultant plan, and a board on which i have added “Guest Editors”, i.e. registered users who can access only a single board in my team, they are not added to the team. 

I created a small websdk app, which i want my guest editors to use, however, when i share the link with them to authorize, they cannot. Miro says the app cannot be authorized for the team. 

The app is installed and authorized for the team, and as board owner & team owner, i can authorize and use it, only other’s on my board can’t. 


Is there a way for them to use it? 



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@Mansoor A - I believe they answer may be that Guests cannot authorize non-Marketplace apps. I use the word “may” as I cannot find a straight answer to this in several Help Center articles. The closest I have come to is in the Collaboration with guests article:


@Anthony Roux - Are you able to confirm which apps a Guest should be able to authorize and use? 

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thanks @Robert Johnson 

i found out that guests don’t have rights to install apps on a board, only team members and owners. 

forgot the link where i read that, it was a table listing allowed and not-allowed.


thanks for the heads-up though.

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Hi @Robert Johnson,

While we're waiting for Anthony's input, I can tell that from my personal testing, guests have access to the same apps that visitors do:

I should note here that for the guests/visitors to see and be able to use these apps, team admin will need to install them first.