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  • 10 June 2020
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Hi everyone

I have the consultant plan and was hosting a session today with a group and I used the “public link to board” to create the link for the them all to access as Anonymous Guest Editors. A number of them said they could not access the board: they said when they clicked the link the only option it gave them was to create an account. I’m so puzzled as the majority of the rest of the group, using the exact same link, were able to get on just fine. And it wasn’t just one person having the problem - it was several, and they all said the same thing. Alas I wasn’t able to ask them to take a screenshot to show me. 

This is the first time I’ve encountered this and I couldn’t find anything to help them troubleshoot it, and didn’t want them to have to set up an account to be able to access it during our session! 

I’d love to know what to do in the future if this happens, or how to avoid it in the first place. It’s really important for the kinds of sessions I host that people can simply click the “public link to board”.

Thanks in advance for any help. 




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Many thanks @Isman Tanuri - I will also peek at that previous thread!

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Hi @Amanda Fenton  I have never experienced this with any of my participants. However, someone else in the forum had mentioned the same situation previously so it's not an isolated incident.

My thinking is that it could be a browser issue (cookies, old browsers, Javascript, etc.) Are the folks who struggled from the same organisation using similar org-issued devices?

In my sessions, I do have occasions where participants couldn't see anything on the board or features were not present. My advice is always to try a different browser type or to use Incognito/Private browsing.

Here's a previous discussion on this: