Guest editors making accounts but still not showing their names the cursors. They show up as Guest.

  • 24 July 2020
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All of the info is in the title.
I have a paid membership however the guests do not.
Some of them are showing up with names but some still come up as guests.


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@Kieran Spruce -

How are you sharing the board itself? Are you using the Anonymous Guest Editor capability where you just give them a public URL for accessing the board? If so, then if they are already logged into Miro, it will show their actual names, but otherwise you’d just get the auto-generated “Guest X” type names.


Hi @Kiron Bondale,

So this is what is so strange. We used the public link have allowed them to edit through that link etc.
They have made accounts but a couple of people are still coming up as guests.

I have told them to try using a private browsing window/incognito mode as to avoid any cookie issues.


I will let you know if I discover anything new.


@Kieran Spruce did the incognito browser solve it for you? 

I’ve also noticed that when people who have a free account already, use my guest editor link, they get a window that tells them they need to create a team or ask to be added to my team (which I don’t want to do).  So far the workaround is that I have to ask the guest editor to open an incognito browser window and paste the link in that.  Then they get into my board with no issues.

Could it be that they are forgetting to replace the recommended text that’s in the sign up screen from “Guest” to their actual name?  (in the sign up window that asked them to file out name, email and to accept T&C’s).  I think a few of my folks have done this and now working through how they can fix it in their profile settings...