Grouping stickers/emojis and sticky notes

  • 24 March 2023
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Hi folks,

Is there any way, when I add a sticker and drop it on top of a sticky note, to group the two so that when I move the sticky note, the sticker moves with it?

Seems a little daft that this isn’t default behaviour, or the the Group function isn’t available in this circumstance…

EDIT: Just noticed that this only seems to apply to items in table cells. Come on Miro - we need tables improved quickly please. 😀

2 replies

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For all reader, this limitation currently applies to several object types:



I agree! I LOVE using tables, and I use them all the time - often for laying out complex diagrams. 

It would be SO helpful to be able to align/distribute and group items within a table cell. (Not including text that is typed directly into a table cell.) 

It’s a big pain to select the items, cut/paste them outside the table, align/group them, then cut/paste them back into the table. Once or twice, no big deal. But I would literally need to do this hundreds of times for some of the more complex journey map and service blueprint diagrams.