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Hello, I am using Miro as a whiteboard replacement for my online quantum mechanics course at the University of Warsaw.

So far everything is very smooth, the only thing that students have complained about is the fact that whenever I write something it appears inside a gray box with my initials. Sometimes this box does contain an entire word, but just a single letter (or even part of it), which makes it quite distracting. I understand that this is supposed to tell the others who is writing what but in my case, I am the only person writing on the board, so there is really no need for that.


Is there a way of switching off this feature so that no gray boxes appear when I write (either on my side or on the student side)?


thanks a lot!




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I just got to the point jedrek mentioned…… one year later. And apparently, there is still no option to turn this feature off.

I am in the position to choose which app to go with at our department in university.

An these grey boxes along with the annoted name definitely is a killer feature. So I will revert to some other tool. This is very unfortunate, as there is many other tools I like very much about Miro.

But the grey boxes are an absolute no-go when it comes to using Miro mostly fopr hand-written input in collaborative study-settings.

Yould someone please give me an update, if it is at all foreseen to switch off this grey box feature and if yes when?

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Hi there,

The Support Team has already replied to you, and I will post their reply here as well:

For now, it is not possible to turn this feature off. 

Feel free to pitch your idea in the Wish List! Make sure to describe your use case :wink: