Get in touch button in the education form not working.

  • 23 August 2020
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I am a design student and due to the ongoing pandemic condition we needed an online whiteboard collaboration tool. Miro seemed perfect for our needs. So, me and my friends decided to make free accounts on Miro and one of us apply for educational account. But I am trying to summit my application for the past 20 days and it seems like the get in touch button on the bottom of the form is not working. At first I thought, they might be getting so many requests that's why they decided to close it temporarily.

So, yeah tell me what do I need to do:- If I can get education account myself or do I need to have my institute arrange it for us through you guys.

It might be some other issue with the button, I don’t know for sure.

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Hi @Manav. My spouse signed up for the Education Plan a few months ago with no issues. 

When you click Get in touch, does any red text appear? Note: you must be using your educational institution's email address, e.g., a Gmail/free email service email account is not allowed:


Thanks for reaching out Rob. I filled it again and interestingly, it worked this time.

My application is in process right now.

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