Does Miro work worldwide? Is there any country restrictions?

  • 24 April 2020
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My team and I will need to have a workshop with people from all over the world and we were wondering if Miro works in every country. We are especially wondering for example about China,which has many restrictions.


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5 replies

Thank you @Miriana I will do that.  I was just hoping to prep before the school year started.  It appears a few companies are using this in China, but most are from Hong Kong where the rules are a bit looser.  Unfortunately, all of my students are from the stricter providences.

Hi @Kelly Cray !

We didn’t manage to continue with the project so we actually never discovered. Unfortunately I am not able to help you. I would suggest you to try out with the free version of Miro directly with them if you can. It would be great if you could update your situation so that if others find themselves in a similar one they could find answer here :sunny:

I hope it will work for you and your students, best of luck!



I am a teacher facing the same question since some of my kids are not able to enter the country due to COVID.   How did it work for your team in China?  Did they have to use a VPN?

Thank you @mlanders ! 🌸

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Hi @Miriana ,

I would say: Yes

They’re working from Hongkong:

“In his product design team, Aaron has to work closely with another group based in Hong Kong, so effective communication tools are very important. Following the Agile approach, the teams does Daily Standups in Miro and also documents all the action items in Confluence.”