Does anyone know how to change a Consultant Plan to a Team/Starter Plan?

Does anyone know how to change a Consultant Plan to a Team Plan?


Best answer by Robert Johnson 14 December 2022, 22:31

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@Paresh Khimji - The Company Admin role should be able to do this by:

  1. Going into the Team profile settings:
  2. And then Company:


  3. And the Billing and Change plan:




There is no option to flip a consultant membership to team.


Thanks for trying

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@Paresh Khimji - Oh, wow. I see what you mean - there are no action buttons to select a team and continue. This was either missed or is a bug. I tried in Chrome and the Miro desktop app - same result.

I will convert this post into a Miro support ticket and they will take care of your request!


Thanks Robert,

I have been scratching my head for months, I actually thought I did it but still getting charged consultant package. Now I am scared to loosing my boards if I had to flip manually.

There is still no option to change plans.


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@Romeo Bollen - Yes, this is clearly a low-priority for Miro. A support continues to be the only option. 

Does anyone know how to change a Consultant Plan to a Team Plan?

i had the same problem, u have to downgrade to free then select the plan u want after

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Another option is for the support team to manually convert your subscription. The support ticket form can be found from your dashboard or while on a board by following these instructions.

Will we be getting this option anytime soon?

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@SJK - Unfortunately the issue is that the Consultant (and Business) Plan’s structure is quite different from the Starter Plan (formerly Team Plan) as it includes an additional level of “Company” (which includes an additional role of Company Admin) and can also include unlimited teams/workspaces.

With these additional scenarios, it is not a simple as just converting a single team subscription to another type. While surely an end-user workflow could be created to let the user choose what should happen during the conversion process, I suppose this functionality has a low priority on Miro’s backlog.

Possible best-case scenario(?): You only have one team, and any Company Admins will be converted to a Team Admin.

@Robert Johnson That makes sense but why doesn’t it say that anywhere? It is super confusing. There should be a contact support option under each of those options.

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@SJK - Agreed! There is definitely room for improvement!

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I asked the support team about this, and they confirmed most of what I said above. As of this reply, here is a canned response regarding how a user can do this on their own:

I’m afraid that the switch from Consultant to Starter plan is not automated yet, but I’m happy to tell you that you’ll be able to perform it from your side.
1. First, please, cancel your Consultant plan subscription by going to the Company settings > Billing > Overview and clicking Cancel subscription at the bottom of the page.
2. The account and all the paid features will be available until the end of the paid period. Please, have no worries - after that, all the boards will stay intact, the account will be simply paused in a view-only mode.
3. Once the subscription expires, please, downgrade it to Free plan. To downgrade, you need to open your dashboard > select Choose your plan:
4. As a result, Consultant organization will be deleted and all the teams under it will turn to expired Starter plan, so, you’ll be able to simply Reactivate it with the desired number of seats (the minimum is your current team sizeTo choose less, you need to remove some users from the team beforehand):
5. Finally, you’ll be able to move boards created in the other teams to your Starter plan. For a step-by-step guide, please refer to this article: How to move boards between accounts.

So if I would change the plan from consultant to starter, I need to downgrade to free plan first and then upgrade again? I would like to make sure I could keep all the current boards. Is this method keeping all the boards?

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@Chi Fung Ivan TAM - I am not sure what you mean by "current boards", but no boards will be deleted when you cancel a subscription.

Miro make a great collaboration product, but the user management and billing side of things has always been terrible.

I’m not surprised that this workflow to downgrade from the (now depricated) consultant plan to the starter plan is a dumpster fire, but I am deeply disappointed.

And should I lose any boards in the janky downgrade process, I will be livid!

Really not good enough for a product of this maturity and scale.


So, I went through the process as outlined above by @Robert Johnson (thank you for that, sincerely).


The good news is that it worked - I signed up for the Starter Plan and I didn’t lose any boards.


The bad news… all the boards I had set to “Anyone with the link Can edit” reverted to “Anyone with the link Can view”.


This is a problem for me as there are many boards I have shared over the years that people still require access to, and now they have all had edit access turned off. So I need to go back in and manually update them all.


I can’t say I’m surprised. As I said previously, I love the Miro core collaboration product, but almost every aspect of billing and user management has always has been janky for me. So it seemed to good to be true that this weird and hacky method of changing plans was going to be seamless… and it was.